A Monday Morning between Life and Death

Heart (there is no effect or filter applied to the picture, it is just the special lights in the operation room that are messing with my camera)

Last monday, I had the privilege to be present during two cardiovascular chirurgical operations. I was there to observe how high-level surgeons are working, and how PARA and my technology could possibly assist them.

The first operation was removing a tumor inside the heart of the patient. For this process, they have to stop the heart for one hour and remove the tumor during this time frame. The oxygenation and pumping of the blood is made by a machine during this time, but you see the heart stopped, a quite moving experience!

Surgeons are currently working with two lenses with a focal plan at 40 centimeters. They can zoom up to x5, but the field of view is very, very small.


It was a very moving experience. If you want to regain faith in Man, go to an hospital and see what these people can achieve to protect life from your own eyes.

I believe augmented reality can enhance our work life, in many domains such a this one!

Stay tuned.

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