Going to Colombia

For the Christmas break and New Year's Eve, I went to Colombia with my family. Every year at this time we do a trip all together and we've been enjoying it a lot. We were lucky to go all 5 to Namibia, South Africa, Chile and Easter Island in the last 3 years, seeing truly amazing things.

So this year we went to Colombia. It was great, but sometimes it was hard when we were deep in the forest.

Cities visited : Bogota (2 days), Leticia (Amazon forest: 5 days), Cartagena (5 days).

Here are some photos: Sunset in Amazonia Sunset on the Amazon river

Path in Forest Path in the trees (my little brother in the distance)

Mosquitos Our backs were destroyed by mosquitos, the only enemy you can't fight in the forest!

We saw a lot of animals in the forest : a sloth, an anteater, lots of monkeys, piranhas, scorpions, caïmans and tarentulas...

I won't tell everything that happened because it would be boring, but for the anecdot, in Cartagena, I was very happy to run into a friend who is studying at Stanford right now (Hi Nathalie!). We were both thousands of kilometers away from our homes and yet, we saw each other in a street there. What are the odds.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed the Botero museum in Bogota. The Botero collection is impressive and the exhibits were interesting, here is a photo of well-known piece of art that was there: Plane

BONUS: The little monkey (Porg?) that was in our little house in the forest. It was a tiny monkey, and very sweet (he would climb on everyone!)

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