Optical Design Challenge for AR/VR/MR at SPIE Europe 2018

On April 25th was the Optical Design challenge organized by SPIE. Here is the link of the event.

I managed to be awarded third price in the category "Open AR/VR/MR design challenge". I won an impressive graphics card: a Titan Xp from Nvidia (we don't even have yet a computer powerful enough at the Lab to use it...).

I am really proud as I was the only European awarded among talentuous authors and students from USA/Russia/China, India and Israel, and also the only one "outsider" as I didn't have any academic supervision for my work nor 5% of the knowledge in optics the other students had.

On this photo, the man on my left is Bernard Kress, the main organizer and "father" of the Google Glass and Hololens projects, now working at Microsoft Hololens.

SPIE Challenge SPIE Challenge

I met very nice and bright people during these 3 days, I am thankful to everyone who supports me for my project. And congratulations to the other students awarded.

My project is now on the radar of the big players, let's see where it leads me.

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