SPIE Europe 2018

This week I will be at SPIE Europe 2018, a major optics and photonics event where I participate in the Student Optical Design Challenge.

SPIE Strasbourg

I will present the headset I've been working on for quite some time now. The headset will be exposed to major industry leaders this week before a public release coming in the next two months for our public release.

I am very excited because it is the first time I attend such an event and present a scientific publication of my work. I never thought I would do this one day.

The paper is listed here, you can read the abstract.

Here is a preview video of the headset in action:

Everything you see in this video is rendered in real-time in the headset, with no cheat or modification at all. It is raw from the Unity3D Editor.

My next post will be an in-depth article of the making of the headset, the technical processes and the human story behind it.

Thank you for everyone who believed in the project since Day 1, the road is still long but what an amazing ride.

I am happy to answer any questions regarding the event or the headset at s.larroque@slprocess.net. As pictured in the video, the whole source code will be open source (SDK & firmware) including our SLAM algorithm. I will describe the setup (hardware) in the next article.

Last gift: the first visual demo of the concept I made in September 2016...I'll let you judge ;)

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