How to remove the Source Serif Pro font in Twenty Twenty Two theme

I made some changes to this website recently and I decided to go back to WordPress.

I’m also obsessed with page speed performance so I wanted my website to load as fast as possible. This website is intended to only host text, images and videos, so pretty simple and standard stuff. My WordPress installation is extremely simple and I’m only using one plugin for caching.

By default, the new theme of WordPress is Twenty Twenty Two. I wanted to remove the font associated with this theme to only use the system font used by the browser to reduce page size.

In order to do that, I had to edit the files functions.php and theme.json of the theme, as you can’t completely disable the font with the new Editor of WordPress.

Add this line at the end of the functions.php file:

remove_action( 'wp_head', 'twentytwentytwo_preload_webfonts' );

For the theme.json, you should replace all occurence of –wp–preset–font-family–source-serif-pro with –wp–preset–font-family–system-font.

Conclusion, with this change the payload size of my homepage was divided by 8. I hope this helps someone else as I didn’t find another solution online myself.