I share here resources I found browsing the web or IRL that I find important, interesting or just worth the read. :)


Sci-Fi art from the 70s

3D Comic

A day in the life of a SV startup founder: Funny satire of the life of SV founders.

How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind: Excellent read from an ex-Googler in charge of designing interfaces.

Perceptually uniform color spaces: A very good article about color spaces, good for understanding RGB, HSL and other color spaces.

A ship that flips 90 degrees for science: How cool is that?

Don't let Facebook make you miserable

The greatest scene of cinema

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The Dream Machine


"Life is Short", by Paul Graham

"The mexican fisherman", 200 words

"Que dire à un jeune de 20 ans", from Hélie de Saint Marc French Only

"La jeunesse", by Général MacArthur (1945) inspired by Samuel Ullman. French Only