Category: Technical

  • How to remove the Source Serif Pro font in Twenty Twenty Two theme

    I made some changes to this website recently and I decided to go back to WordPress. I’m also obsessed with page speed performance so I wanted my website to load as fast as possible. This website is intended to only host text, images and videos, so pretty simple and standard stuff. My WordPress installation is […]

  • Surviving the Hacker News “hug of death”

    A quick article to mention that one of my articles on the DNS requests made by iPhones made the front page of Hacker News for a few hours. (and it got a lot of interesting comments!) When your post gets on the front page, there is what we call in the community the “HN hug […]

  • High number of DNS requests made by iOS devices

    I run a simple ad blocker based on AlgoVPN. It is a simple adblocker for iOS devices. It blocks requests at the DNS level, so it is network-wide and thus very efficient. The connections are strictly anonymous and very secure (the code is here), but I anonymously log the DNS requests. It is a way […]