Lynx is the company I created right out of school, and as of now represents 100% of my professional life.

Behind this company is an incredible story about how a just a handful of people are making an impact in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality. This story is worth telling and I’m using this blog to write about it and keep my memory intact.

I discovered this field at the end of 2016 with an Oculus DK2 my school acquired, and I never let go since then.

Most of what I write is not public but stored for the right time (when NDAs will expire for example). Posts linked to Lynx are under this category.

With Lynx, I have the joy to meet and work with brilliant people across many disciplines of engineering and business all around the world. It is for me an humbling experience and I’ll try to tell here some lessons I learned from them.

If I knew how hard it was to live such endeavor, I probably wouldn’t have done it, but there is not a single day where I think I could do something else!

A bit of history

The name

Lynx was not named like this until March 1st 2018. The company legal name is “SL Process”, a shell company I created during my studies so I could send invoices and get paid by companies for consulting, and the product/prototype I was working one was codenamed “Para” which was terrible.

Lynx name comes from the expression “to be Lynx-eyed”, which in French means to have very good vision. And the way our device works, Lynx can show you things the human eye can not see if you put the right cameras in front of headset (not only RGB but thermal, IR, event based, multispectral…) so it’s why I choosed the name.

The idea

The birthing idea of Lynx was to make a system to visualize Wifi radiowaves around you. The simplest setup was to use an Oculus DK2 and strap a camera on the faceplate to view through the headset. Little did I know that was called Augmented Reality, and even Mixed Reality.

The core idea of Lynx today is to create devices that cover the full spectrum of immersive technologies, or Reality-Virtuality continuum, and an ecosystem around these devices for entertainment, work and communication.