Throwback: the first visual demo of Lynx

This video clip is the first visual demo of my Mixed Reality system, it was not named Lynx, and it wasn’t even named at all! It was featuring a simple helicopter model that land on a surface in front of you.

The viewer was an Oculus DK2 and the program was running in Javascript thanks to WebVR on Firefox. There already was two cameras for correct stereoscopic view, fetched with the getUserMedia API.

It’s funny because at this time, it feels like I opted for the worst stack for the proof-of-concept: it was running on a Mac and in a browser, the whole thing written in javascript. The definition of the cameras was awful, no distortion was corrected, it was all fixed with duct tape and cardboard.

But it worked! It was in September 2016, I still have the source code. And I’m really proud of the version we have today.