Lynx Original Hardware Team

From left to right, Hugo Artarit, Laurent Chabin, Stan Larroque, Didier Lasne, Corentin Lefebvre, Etienne Denoly

As I’m preparing a Lynx press release for Monday, we took some pictures at the office.

This is the original hardware team at Lynx that brought the Lynx R-1 to life.

From left to right:

  • Hugo Artarit, industrial designer
  • Laurent Chabin, electrical engineer
  • Stan Larroque, group leader
  • Didier Lasne, mechanical engineer
  • Corentin Lefebvre, optical engineer
  • Etienne Denoly, industrial designer

Of course, not in the picture are people working at Compal, Qualcomm, Limbak and Ultraleap that helped on the work related to the hardware at different points in the development.

I’m saving this photo here because this is probably the last time we’ll work together in this setup because Lynx is growing fast and we’re hiring a lot, and I’m very proud that we achieved with such low resources.

I’ll do another photo with the software team of course!

Here is the photo of the full Lynx team that created Lynx R-1:

Lynx Team November 2021 in the Paris Office.
Left to right: Jean-Marie Vaidie, Didier Lasne, Cedric Morel Francoz, Marc Piuzzi, Etienne Denoly, Hugo Artarit, Laurent Chabin, Stephane Amoa, Stan Larroque, Guillaume Le Fer, Chouki Hadri, Geoffrey Marhuenda. Missing in the picture: Corentin Lefebvre, Guillaume Chevalier.

If you want to join this team, contact me.