Author: Stan

  • My personal setup

    A short article about what I use to manage my digital life. Computer It took me some time to find the right setup for me. I tried Mac, Windows and Linux and still own machines with these OS and my daily driver is finally Ubuntu 22.04. I mainly use a Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu […]

  • Lynx Original Hardware Team

    As I’m preparing a Lynx press release for Monday, we took some pictures at the office. This is the original hardware team at Lynx that brought the Lynx R-1 to life. From left to right: Hugo Artarit, industrial designer Laurent Chabin, electrical engineer Stan Larroque, group leader Didier Lasne, mechanical engineer Corentin Lefebvre, optical engineer […]

  • How to remove the Source Serif Pro font in Twenty Twenty Two theme

    I made some changes to this website recently and I decided to go back to WordPress. I’m also obsessed with page speed performance so I wanted my website to load as fast as possible. This website is intended to only host text, images and videos, so pretty simple and standard stuff. My WordPress installation is […]

  • Throwback: the first visual demo of Lynx

    This video clip is the first visual demo of my Mixed Reality system, it was not named Lynx, and it wasn’t even named at all! It was featuring a simple helicopter model that land on a surface in front of you. The viewer was an Oculus DK2 and the program was running in Javascript thanks […]

  • Going to Laponia

    We decided with my brother to hike together in an unusual place : Laponia, and more precisely at the very North of Sweden. We landed in Kiruna, and hitchhiked to Nikkaluokta, the start of our hike. The goal was to reach Abisko from Nikkaluokta by using a portion of the Kungsleden (the king’s road, one […]

  • Surviving the Hacker News “hug of death”

    A quick article to mention that one of my articles on the DNS requests made by iPhones made the front page of Hacker News for a few hours. (and it got a lot of interesting comments!) When your post gets on the front page, there is what we call in the community the “HN hug […]

  • High number of DNS requests made by iOS devices

    I run a simple ad blocker based on AlgoVPN. It is a simple adblocker for iOS devices. It blocks requests at the DNS level, so it is network-wide and thus very efficient. The connections are strictly anonymous and very secure (the code is here), but I anonymously log the DNS requests. It is a way […]